Why Select Us

INJ Software Solutions is committed to helping our clients businesses perform at peak levels.

Proven Performance

With many years of IT solutions and services experience, INJ Software Solutions IT experts deliver seamless integrated solutions to meet a client’s most challenging business needs. As a vendor-independent single-source services provider, many companies have come to rely on INJ Software Solutions expertise, innovation and value.

Award-Winning Quality

As one of the best-kept secrets in the IT industry, INJ Software Solutions is recognized by industry analysts, partners, and most importantly by clients. INJ Software Solutions has delivered industry-leading service quality for years to prove it.

Comprehensive Services

INJ Software Solutions provides a broad range of IT infrastructure management services, application services, systems integration and consulting services, as well as the procurement and management of software. INJ Software Solutions unique Integrated Infrastructure Management solution drives down costs, increases productivity and helps clients gain maximum value from information.

The Right Fit

Focused on serving North American companies, INJ Software Solutions has proven to be the right fit for both large- and medium-sized clients. INJ Software Solutions size, flexibility and lower-operational overhead can offer many advantages and benefits not provided by large global providers.

Best Value

INJ Software Solutions provides clients with the best IT services value in the industry, delivering “tier-one” service quality and expertise at a “tier-two” cost to enable clients to gain competitive advantage while enhancing the value of their business.