Is your application portfolio optimized to deliver real business value?

At INJ Software Solutions, we continuously improve and transform our customer’s applications to ensure they are optimized for today and adaptable for the business needs of tomorrow. We understand that business applications must be deployed or upgraded quickly, securely, efficiently and at the lowest possible cost. We also understand the need to better control and reduce expenses in running application portfolios...

Managed Infrastructure Services

Is your IT infrastructure as agile as your business needs it to be? Are you spending too much time reacting to problems rather than focusing on the future?

INJ Software Solutions Managed Infrastructure Services cut costs and boost efficiency through technological innovation and a focus on high-quality service design. All along the way, these services follow INJ Software Solutions lean principals, green environmental best practices and industrialized approach to technical design...

IT Consulting

Are you responsible for ensuring that your business operations and technology strategies support the changing needs of your business?

INJ Software Solutions can assist you in anticipating these evolving requirements. INJ Software Solutions enables organizations across both the private and public sectors to respond to the challenges of planning, delivering and operating IT and business strategies in complex and changing operating environments...